Woodland Clinic

Texas Forestry
Kids Analysis

Initiated in March of 1957, Woodland Clinics provide young people with a working knowledge of forestry. Each year, youth from 4-H Clubs and FFA compete throughout East Texas at clinics held locally by Soil and Water Conservation Districts. Winners from the local clinics go on to compete at the State Woodland Clinic sponsored by Texas Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts, the Natural Resources Conservation Service, and the Texas Forestry Association.

Students gain experience with a variety of skills such as pine identification, hardwood identification, forage-wildlife relationships, tree measurements and volume determination, compass and pacing, site management concerns, and site productivity.

TFA's Educational Fund provides cash scholarships to the high-scoring junior or senior participant at each of three district competitions. TFA's Texas Forest Landowners' Council provides a cash scholarship to the high-scoring participant at the state level.

For more information, contact your local 4-H or FFA.