Hurricane Laura Updates

Posted on Tuesday, September 01, 2020

Texas Forestry Association’s Hurricane Laura Response Team met yesterday (August 31) and discussed the status of the Texas Forest Sector. While our thoughts and prayers are with our Louisiana neighbors who caught the brunt of the storm and have considerably more damage to life, homes, businesses, power grid, and forests, our Southeast Texas families and forests are struggling with response and recovery as well.

Special thanks for the army of first responders and linemen who’ve already done an amazing job with many hot days and nights ahead of them. Entergy Storm Center SETX mills are sporadically accepting deliveries while dealing with power outages and partial personnel.  

TFA and Texas Logging Council are working with Governor Abbott’s office and Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. The attached link describes the weight waiver issued through the Governor’s Executive Order for those involved with recovery and response to damage caused by Hurricane Laura. It is very specific, so please read thoroughly and print the appropriate documents for each vehicle.

Texas Department of Motor Vehicles Hurricane Laura

Texas A&M Forest Service Hurricane Laura information

Manage Forests and Land after Hurricanes