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The Texas Logging Council is an affiliation of private business men and women who make their living from the harvesting and delivery of wood fiber to forest products mills all over East Texas. The Council is dedicated to the preservation of East Texas' wood-based economy, and its legislative efforts are designed to keep men and women working.

The purposes of this Council is:

  • To improve and expand the use of professional logging and trucking practices responsive to the needs of customers, employees, landowners, and the general public;
  • To provide educational training for members within the logging and hauling professions; and
  • To improve upon worker safety.

Membership in the Texas Logging Council will provide you with:

  • Positive public relations for loggers.
  • Membership in Texas Forestry Association.
  • Membership in American Loggers Council.
  • Subscription to Texas Logger, a quarterly publication of the Council.
  • Subscription to Texas Forestry, a monthly publication of TFA.
  • Opportunities for continuing education.

Texas Logging Council brochure