Continuing Education Opportunities

Texas Forestry

Q. Once I get my Texas Pro Logger Certificate, do I have to take any more training?

Yes. To maintain the Texas Pro Logger status a person must do the following:

Each year - Attend a minimum of six (6) hours of continuing education training.

Q. Which workshops, etc. will be approved for Continuing Education?

The SFI Training Task Force must approve all continuing education activities and assign the appropriate hours. Some of the already approved workshops are:

  • Attendance at TLC Chapter meetings – 1 hour (Texas Logging Council members only)
  • Attendance at County Forest Landowner Association Meetings – 1 hour
  • Quiz taken from the Texas Logger magazine – 1 hour (limited to one per year)
  • Texas Outstanding Tree Farm Field Tour – 4 hours – TBA
  • Texas Forestry Association Annual Meeting, General Session – Six hours of continuing education - Each Fall
  • Other approved OSHA first aid/CPR training

Dates and locations will be posted as they are received in the “Texas Logger” magazine and on the TFA website.

Other workshops: The SFI Training Task Team will review and approve all activities. Activities may be evaluated before or after their scheduled date. The preferred method is for a program sponsor or coordinator to submit an agenda to the TFA office for evaluation before the program is scheduled. Activities not pre-approved must be reviewed and approved before they are recognized. To qualify, an activity should meet the following criteria: (1) the activity must be an organized program of learning (meeting, workshop, symposium, field trip, etc.) which complements the SFI principles; and (2) the activity is conducted by individuals who have training and experience in the subject matter.

Q. Do I need to prove I attended a workshop for Continuing Education credit?

Yes. Certificates, attendance sheets, agendas, etc. should be submitted to the TFA office for proof of attendance before credit is entered on the individual’s training record. Fax to (936) 632-9461.

Q. Will I be issued an updated Texas Pro Logger certificate after I take all my Continuing Education hours?

Yes. Once Continuing Education hours are achieved and processing fee OR TLC membership is satisfied, a new Texas Pro Logger certificate will be issued.

For more information, email the Texas Forestry Association or call (936) 632-TREE.