Forestry Political Action Committee

Texas Forestry

Forpac Supports Issues

In Texas, there is a Forestry Political Action Committee(FORPAC) that looks after forestry political issues. It enhances legislative efforts of the forestry community by supporting candidates who are willing to consider forestry concerns and participate in their solutions. FORPAC is a statewide, bipartisan, voluntary, non-profit committee registered with the Texas Secretary of State and the Federal Election Commission. It operates in strict conformity with state and federal laws.

No One Needs A Pac More

No industry in Texas needs a political action organization more than forestry. With the majority of Texas legislators now in the state's urban centers - where forestry advocates are few in number and anti-business environmental causes are rampant - political activity is critically important for Texas forestry.

How Is Forpac Funded?

Funds for FORPAC come from voluntary personal contributions solicited from members of the Texas Forestry Association, their families, employees of their businesses, and friends of forestry. Under Texas law, corporate contributions to PACs and candidates are illegal.

Forpac Serves Everyone

FORPAC represents the forest community: Large and small companies, loggers, private and industrial landowners, paper mills, sawmills, equipment dealers, lumber yards, and anyone else interested in a healthy forest-based economy for Texas. FORPAC is independent and is not affiliated with either major political party or its platform. Its decisions are made entirely on what is good for the forest community.

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