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Texas Forestry

Texas Forest Sector 

  • The Texas Forest Sector consists of 12.3 million acres of commercial forests and is located in primarily 43 counties in East Texas. 
  • During the past decade, the wood-based industry has remained one of the top 10 manufacturing sectors in the state, and it ranks 9th among the top Texas agricultural commodities.
  • The forest sector is one of the top two largest manufacturing employers in 25 of the 43 East Texas counties. 
  • Direct, indirect, and induced impacts, the total economic impact of the Texas Forest Sector is $36.7 billion in total industry output, $9.6 billion in labor income; and, 168,190 jobs for Texans. 
  • Each year in Texas, more than 75 million trees are planted by family forest owners and corporate landowners. 
  • Trees are a renewable, sustainable resource! 

Source: Economic Impact of the Texas A&M Forest Sector, 2019