Texas Logging Council

 Texas Logging Council

The Texas Log­ging Coun­cil is an affil­i­a­tion of pri­vate busi­ness men and women who make their liv­ing from the har­vest­ing and deliv­ery of wood fiber to for­est prod­ucts mills all over East Texas. The Coun­cil is ded­i­cat­ed to the preser­va­tion of East Texas’ wood-based econ­o­my, and its leg­isla­tive efforts are designed to keep men and women working.

The pur­pos­es of this Coun­cil is:

  • To improve and expand the use of pro­fes­sion­al log­ging and truck­ing prac­tices respon­sive to the needs of cus­tomers, employ­ees, landown­ers, and the gen­er­al public;
  • To pro­vide edu­ca­tion­al train­ing for mem­bers with­in the log­ging and haul­ing pro­fes­sions; and
  • To improve upon work­er safety.

Mem­ber­ship in the Texas Log­ging Coun­cil will pro­vide you with:

  • Pos­i­tive pub­lic rela­tions for loggers.
  • Mem­ber­ship in Texas Forestry Association.
  • Mem­ber­ship in Amer­i­can Log­gers Council.
  • Sub­scrip­tion to Texas Log­ger, a quar­ter­ly pub­li­ca­tion of the Council.
  • Sub­scrip­tion to Texas Forestry, a month­ly pub­li­ca­tion of TFA.
  • Oppor­tu­ni­ties for con­tin­u­ing education.