Evans, Michael

Michael Evans

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Michael Evans

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P.O. Box 219
Warren, TX 77664
Tyler County

Occupation: Logger
Logger: checkmark

BMP: Jan 29, 2016
SWWES: Jan 29, 2016
Safety: Dec 13, 2018
Business Management: Sat, Jan 30, 2016

checkmark Accredited Pro Logger
Start date: Jan 30, 2016
Expiration date: Dec 31, 2024
Certificate #11947

Continuing Logger Education
Year Hours Notes
2017 6hrs. 6hrs. TFA Annual Meeting, Nacogdoches, 10/26/17
2018 6hrs. 4hrs. Pro Logger Safety 2018, On-Line, 12/13/18~1hr. Webinar, Casualty Loss and Income Tax Deductions Related to Timber and Landscape Trees, 12/07/18~1hr. Webinar,Trees for Bees, 12/11/18
2019 6hrs. 6hrs. TFA Annual Meeting, Nacogdoches, 10/17/19
2020 6hrs. 3hrs. '2020 TFA Annual Meeting' course, On-Line, 11/29/2020~3hrs. 'Branching Out-A Virtual Event' course, On-Line, 11/29/2020
2021 6hrs. 3hrs. CPR/AED: Adult, Child, Infant~3hrs. Standard First Aid (BLS), American Health Care Academy, 12/15/21
2022 6hrs. 6hrs. Forest Roads and Stream Crossings BMP Refresher, TFA Lufkin, 03/11/22
2023 6hrs. 6hrs. CEU workshop, TFA, Lufkin, 11/09/23

updated safety from 1/30/16