Pinner, Orrin

Orrin Pinner

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Orrin Pinner

4P Logging
11205 E. St. Hwy 103
Huntington, TX 75949
Angelina County

Occupation: Logger
Logger: checkmark

BMP: Oct 9, 2015
SWWES: Oct 8, 2015
Safety: Jan 3, 2018
Business Management: Thu, Oct 8, 2015

checkmark Accredited Pro Logger
Start date: Oct 10, 2015
Expiration date: Dec 31, 2024
Certificate #11900

Continuing Logger Education
Year Hours Notes
2016 6hrs. 6hrs. 12/2/16, CEU, Cleveland
2017 6hrs. 2hrs. Forestry Best Management Refresher course, 1/1/18~4hrs. Pro Logger Safety, On-Line, 1/3/18
2018 6hrs. 6hrs. Webinars, On-Line, 12/27/18
2019 4hrs. 1hr. TST, FRC/TTT, Jasper, 03/27/19~1hr. Load Tracking, FRC/TTT, Diboll, 10/25/19~2hrs. Webinars, The Webinar Portal, On-Line, 12/19/20
2020 9.25hrs. 2hrs. 'Forestry Best Management Refresher 2018' course, On-LIne, 01/06/21~1hr. 'Ethics 2021' course, On-Line, 01/06/21~1hr. Webinar, Moving Forward with Pine-Hardwood Mixed Stands, 11/28/2020~1hr. Webinar, Effects of Drought on Forests and Rangelands...Synthesis, 11/28/2020~1hr. Webinar, Design, Implementation, and Operation...Heat and Power, 11/28/2020~1.5hrs. Webinar, Woods for Wildlife....Habitat Mgmt., 11/28/2020~1hr. Webinar, Ecosystem Management in Towns and Cities, 11/28/2020~.25hrs. Webinar, An Explanation of Defects in Hardwood Timber, 11/28/2020~025hrs. Webinar, A Practical Field Guide...Buffers, 11/28/2020~.25hrs. Webinar, Best Management Practices for Timber Production, 11/28/2020
2021 6hrs. 4hrs. BMP Refresher Training for TTT Logging Contractors, FRC, 06/11/21~1hr. TST, presented by FRC/TTT, Turns & Curves, Preventing Rollovers, & Speed, 09/24/21~1hr. 'Ethics 2022' course, On-Line, 01/05/22
2022 6hrs. 3hrs. '2020 Annual Meeting 2022' course, Online, 12/28/22~3hrs. 'Branching Out 2022' course, Online, 12/28/22
2023 12hrs. 6hrs. TTG & Rayonier Safety Training, Jasper, 03/10/23~6hrs.Forest Road & Stream Crossing, TFA, Lufkin, 03/16/23

updated safety from 10/10/15