Jeff Rogers

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Jeff Rogers

Rogers Lumber Co
8330 Old Hwy 90
Orange, TX 77630
Orange County

Logger: checkmark

BMP: Mar 17, 2006
SWWES: Mar 16, 2006
Safety: Dec 8, 2016
A and C: Mar 16, 2006
Business Management: Tue, Mar 7, 2006

checkmark Accredited Pro Logger
Start date: Mar 17, 2007
Expiration date: Dec 31, 2024
Certificate #10820

Continuing Logger Education
Year Hours Notes
2006 10 hrs 5/13/06 6 hrs TFA fun day~8/3/06 3 hrs TCED meeting~8/06 1 hr quiz
2007 7 hr 2/07 1 hr quiz~5/8/07 4 hrs Safety~12/7/07 2 hrs A-CEU
2008 6 hrs 10/27/08 6 hrs TFA annual meeting
2009 7 hr 1/09 1 hr quiz~12/18/09 4 hrs safety, 2 hrs BMP
2010 9 hrs 5/13/10 1 hr webinar~8/12/10 1 hr webinar~10/6/10 1 hr quiz~10/21/10 6 hrs TFA annual meeting
2011 6 hr 1/19/11 1 hr webinar~1/11 1 hr quiz~3/24/11 1 hr Wetlands Mgt for Waterfowl~4/4/11 l hr webinar~12/2/11 2 hr Chapter l meeting
2012 6 hrs 1/13/12 6 hrs Safety
2013 6 hrs 10/9/13 6 hrs TFA annual meeting
2014 10 hrs 10/22/14 6 hrs TFA annual meeting~12/31/14 4 hrs Safety on line
2015 7 hr 1 hr Quiz Spring 2015; 6 hrs TFA Annual Meeting 10/22/15
2016 14hrs. 1hr. BMP Quiz Winter 2016~1hr. BMP Quiz Spring 2016 ~ 1hr. Conserving Nature's Stage Webinar, 6-8-16 ~ 1hr. Managing Soil Quality in Forest via Webinar 6-15-16, 6hrs. CEU TFA Annual Meeting 2016, 4hrs.Pro Logger Safety course On-Line, 12/8/16
2017 17.5 hrs. 1hr., First Quiz for 2017~1hr., Integrative Forest Management for Wildlife and Forest Health, 2/15/17~4hrs. Austin Seedling Tree Give A-Way, 3/1/17~1.5hrs. Drought and Forest Ecosystems, 4/4/17~3 hrs., Forest Landowner's Seminar, TFA BLDG., 8/11/17~1 hr. ProNR Forest Management Series Webinar, 9/28/17~6hrs. TFA Annual Meeting, Nacogdoches, 10/28/17
2018 17.5hrs. 4hrs. Tree Farm Tour, Ironwood Plantation Ranch, Liberty County, 4/7/18~1hr., Webinar, Storm-Resilient Urban Forests, 5/23/18~TFA Annual Meeting, Galveston, 4hrs. General Session, 0.5hrs. Using Drones in Working Forests, 0.5hrs. Technology in Working Forests, 0.5hrs. Conservation Easements, 10/18/18/~6hrs. CEU, Cleveland, 11/8/18~1hr. TFS, BMP, Fourth Quiz for 2018, 11/8/18
2019 24.5hrs. 1hr. TFS, BMP, Spring 2019-Quiz, 03/04/19~4hrs. CEU's, Denson Outstanding Tree Farm Tour 2019, Smith County, 06/22/19~4hrs. TST, Log Truck Safety, TLC/Silsbee, 06/27/19~4hrs. Pro Logger Safety 2019' course, On-Line, 07/02/19~1hrs. Ethics course, On-Line, 07/03/19~1hr. Plan My Land Management Tool 2017' course, On-Line, 07/05/19~3.5hrs. CEU's, Branching Out Seminar, TFA, Lufkin, 08/08/19~6hrs. TFA Annual Meeting, Nacogdoches, 10/17/19
2020 17hrs. 1hr. Non-Timber Forest Products in The U.S...., The Webinar Portal, 04/14/2020~1hr. COVID-19 Contactless Solution for the Wood Products Industry, FRA Webinar, 06/18/2020~1hr. Timber Security Basics, FRA Webinar, 07/09/2020~3hrs. TFA Webinar: "Branching Out, A Seminar for Forest Landowners", 08/14/2020~10hrs. Virtual Zoom Conference, American Forestry Conference, Georgia Forestry, 07/27-30/2020~1hr. Chapter 4 Meeting, Cleveland, 12/04/2020
2021 23.5hrs. 5.5 hrs. Forest Pest Seminar, Webinar, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service/Texas A&M Forest Service, 02/12/21~4hrs. 2021 Texas Timber Tax Workshop, Virtual, TX. A&M Forest Service, 02/09/21~1hr. Growing Opportunity Webinar, TFA, 07/16/21~4hrs. Branching Out Seminar, TFA, Lufkin, 08/13/21~4hs. Snow Tree Farm Tour, TFA, 09/17/21~6hrs. General Session and Logger Breakout Session 2021 TFA Annual Meeting, Nacogdoches, 10/20/21
2022 28.5hrs. 5hrs. 2022 Timber Tax Workshop, Online, Texas Accredited Forester Program, 02/08/22~4hrs. Tree Farm Tour, 04/30/22~4hrs. Northeast TX Landowner Meeting (SFI), Mt. Pleasant, TX. 07/15/22~3.5hrs. "Branching Out' TFA, Lufkin, 08/12/22~6hrs. Forest Roads & Stream Crossing Workshop, Cleveland, 09/15/22~6hrs. 'TFA Annual Conference General Sessions 2022' College Station, 10/27/22
2023 17.5hrs. 5hrs. 2023 Timber Tax Workshop, TX. A&M Forest Service, Zoom workshop, 02/07/2023~6hrs. Annual Forest Pest Seminar, TX. A&M Forest Service, Lufkin, 02/10/23~4hrs. Rusk, Smith, Harrison, Panola, Gregg Co. Landowner Meeting, 03/24/23~2.5hrs.S E TX Forest Landowner Assoc. Annual Meetintg, Orange, 03/31/23

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