Stewart, Todd

Todd Stewart

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Todd Stewart

Advantage Forestry
P.O. Box 246
Shelbyville,, TX 75973
Shelby County

Occupation: Logger
Logger: checkmark

BMP: Apr 1, 2016
SWWES: Mar 31, 2016
Safety: Nov 7, 2018
Business Management: Wed, Jun 5, 2019

checkmark Accredited Pro Logger
Start date: Apr 2, 2016
Expiration date: Dec 31, 2022
Certificate #11996

Continuing Logger Education
Year Hours Notes
2017 6hrs. 2 hrs. Forestry Best Management Refresher course, 8/3/17~4 hrs. Business Management, 8/3/17
2018 6hr. 1hr. TFS, BMP, Spring Quiz, 2018, 5/1/18~4hrs. Pro Logger Safety 2018, On-Line, 11/7/18~1hr. Web-Heterobasidion...Root Disease of Pines in the South, 11/8/18
2019 6hrs. 4hrs. Business Management 2018' course, On-Line, 06/05/19~2hrs. Forestry Best Management Refresher 2018' course, On-Line, 06/05/19
2020 6hrs. 1hr. TFS BMP second Quiz for 2020~1hr. Webinar, TFA/TLC, Moving Forward With Pine-Hardwood Mixed Stands, 07/30/2020~1hr. NFSAM...Clean Water Act Implementation, Webinar, 08/13/2020~1hr. Prescribed Fire: Burning Questions, 08/15/2020~1hr. Webinar, Introduction to High Tunnels in Organic Systems, 09/02/2020~1hr. Webinar, A new pest: The Spotted Lanternfly, 09/02/2020
2021 6hrs. 1hr. TFS BMP Q&A Winter 2021 Quiz, 04/29/21~3hrs. 'Branching Out -- A Virtual Event' course, On-Line, 05/13/21~1hr. 'Ethics 2021' course, On-Line, 05/13/21~1hr. Wildland Fires...(OM), Webinar, 04/15/21

updated safety from 4/2/16~updated business management from 3/30/16